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 My name is Shawn O. Shelton, and I am an artist based in the Mesa Arizona area who strives to provide beauty through art for all my patrons. Through art I hope to expand knowledge and creative expertise across all endeavors. I am Choctaw and love art that reflects Native inspiration, and am committed to providing clients with the best possible experience through artistic expression. I make beaded earrings and hope to expand in this area as well.  I have begun writing and singing music again which brings me great joy. Thank you for visiting.  The other part of my life that holds great meaning is the work I do to try to connect all of my family members in genealogy. I produce some small non professional videos as well to hopefully give inspiration in Family search and Art. These histories are priceless. So yes, I am a Choctaw Native, and just as important am a Part of the Human Tribe. This tribe was founded by the Greatest Warrior of all. God. Thank you.



Take a look at some of my beautiful paintings.

Beautiful Handmade Earrings


Many beautiful colors and designs.

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Open Air Kiln

The idea of an open air kiln. This type of kiln is still used today.

My idea of an open air kiln. This type of kiln is still used by some today. 16 x 20 available $150


This is a Self Portrait of myself  & some of my Origins. I loved completing this painting.

Loved completing this self portrait of some of my origins. 


Choctaw Headress


This painting is of a Bonnet actually listed as Choctaw in a museum. I loved its Earthy tones and created a 12 x 12 canvas and is available for $150.

The Wolf


I saw a painting that resembled this wolf and created my own in the likeness I thought worked best. I was able to give this as a gift to a dear friend of mine who has a love of wolves.

Sioux Bonnet


I created this painting for another friend who is Sioux. I love how different the Bonnets are in general. They all have wonderful colors. 

Tiny Dancer


This Child Dancer shows so much concentration and strength for the dance he is doing that he makes me want to dance as well. This painting is a 16 x 20 and is available for $400.

Hope of Two Nations


Depicts the Choctaw Bonnet and recently Erected Metal Feathes monument in Ireland. Represents the Choctaw help to the Irish during the 1830s potato famine which killed . many Irish. 16 x 20 canvas available for $300.

Spirit Keeper


I created my Spirit Keeper to bring awareness to the Many women and children who go missing or perish on or fromTribal lands. Much of the time without much if any investigation. The Eagle feathers represent their courageous souls. 

16 x 20 available $400.


Handmade Wire Earrings-Item 100


Beautiful Wire Earrings-White  Sunburst color with feather. Available $35.00 

Handmade Triangular Earrings-Item 101


These Triangular earrings are beautiful. There will always be some differences in these types of earrings because they are handmade with a lot of love. Available $45.00

Handmade Wire Earrings-Item 102


These Wire framed earrings are white with Sunburst color. Cross charm dangle. Available $35.00

Beaded Handmade Earrings-Item 103


These Beautiful Earrings are Black, Blue and Turquoise colored beads with and arrow in the center design. Available $25.00

Beaded Handmade Earrings -Item 104


These are Beautiful Purple colored, Dark Blue, Clear, Pink beads. Available $25.00

Beaded Handmade Earrings-Item 105


These are a shorter beaded version of the longer earrings, super pretty, great for every day. White, Blue, Turquoise colored , Sunburst type beads. Available $20.00


Beaded Handmade Earrings-Item 106


These are Turquoise colored, Red, Sunburst bead design. Available $25.00

Beaded Handmade Earrings-Item 107


These Earrings are a shorter version. They are turquoise, silver, purple, clear beads. Available $20.00

Beaded Handmade Earrings-Item 108

These are a shorter version of the longer Earrings. They are a Turquoise colored, brown,  Sunburst c

These are a shorter version of the longer earrings. They are Turquoise, Brown, Sunburst colored beads. Available $20.00

Beaded Handmade Earrings-Item 109


Running a holiday sale or weekly special? Definitely promote it here to get customers excited about getting a sweet deal.

Beaded Handmade Earrings-Item 110


These are Light Beige, Turquoise and Off White Earrings. Available $25.00

Beaded Handmade Earrings-Item 111


These beautiful longer Pink, Turquoise, Purple Earrings are a beautiful , fresh and fun to wear. Available $25.00


Beaded Handmade Earrings-Item 112


Made these for a friend of mine who has Irish Ancestry. They are a Bright Green Sunburst Color with Turquoise colored beads.  Available $25.00

Beaded Handmade Earrings-Item 113


These shorter Earrings are  Brown, Turquoise, Sunburst Beads. Available $20.00

Beaded Handmade Earrings-Item 114


These are Brown, Red Sunburst colored beads with just a touch of turquoise colored beads added. Available $25.00

Beaded Handmade Earrings-Item 115


These are Black, Red, Sunburst with some Turquoise Beads added. Available $25.00

Beaded Handmade Earrings-Item 116


These are Black, Off White, Turquoise Earrings with an Arrow Center. Available $25.00


Don't Walk Away

1st Music Single-Don't Walk Away

A Song I wrote about how my sweetheart and I took a chance and originally met.

Marriage Mirage


Written when I was in a rough place in my marriage many moons ago..

The Golden Rule


Treating people the way you would like to be treated. Inspired by my mom.


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